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steve: yeah. brian: those pictures coming your way. our slogan this hour, "i'm not a morning person. i'll admit i'm a bit of a grouch until i had some coffee and heard from my friends on the curvey couch." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: we are here. top of the hour to you. thank you for sharing your time today. we want to get straight to the headlines. we have a fox news alert. hurricane bill now a category two storm already, packing winds of 100 miles per hour. the winds of this hurricane extending a whopping 150 miles from its center. bill expected to gain strength over the next few days, becoming a major hurricane. although it is not expected to slam florida the east coast is not out of the woods. right now billen track to come very close to bermuda by the end of the week. we will keep our eyes on its developing situation and bring you updates as they become
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available. another big developing story today. it's being called the biggest theft of credit card numbers. 130 million account numbers. get this. the alleged ring leader is a former informant for the secret service. his name? albert gonzalez. the secret service arrested him in 2003 then hired him as an informant. he helped the feds track down computer hackers. the other two suspects, believed to be from russia, are charged with hacking into hannaford brothers company, hearltland payment systems and 7-11. daniel schuyler will not face any criminal charges. remember him? his wife was accused of being completely drunk and high when she drove the wrong way on a new york highway killing her receive, her own daughter and six other people. prosecutors say there's no evidence that schuler knew his wife was intoxicated before driving down that roadway. police say she had a blood alcohol level of .19, the
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equivalent of 10 shots of vodka. tests showed she also smoked pot within an hour of getting behind the wheel. along with diane schuler, her daughter, three nieces and three people in another car died in that crash. he's been on death row since 1991, convicted of murdering a police officer. now troy davis getting another day in court. supreme court justices interrupted their summer recess to order a lower court to hear new evidence in this case. the evidence includes testimony from seven witnesses who named davis as the shooter. guess what. they're now recanting their story. justice sotomayor did not vote. justice scalia did saying -- gretchen: davis was convicted for murdering a police officer who was off-duty at the time helping a homeless man. the post office firing back at
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president obama for this statement that he made at a new hampshire town hall. >> u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine. right? no, they are. it's the post office that's always having problems. >> uh-oh. gretchen: in a letter to the president -- gretchen: the group also points out u.p.s. and fedex revenues are falling faster than theirs. that's interesting. espn reporter erin andrews, the woman taped by the peeping tom getting down and dirty in a new photo shoot this one she actually posed for. she dawned shoulder pads and got into the mud with the columbia football team. this is all for "g.q.."
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this spread was in april three months before that video of her walking around in her hotel room surfaced. she didn't know they were videotaping her on that. she tells "g.q." while she loves covering college football, she would love to cover the nfl some day. brian: she'll be moving to new york soon. let's talk about what the democrats are saying about what the president, the communications secretary, as well as the health and human services secretary said. basically walking back off the public option. the government plan. how is that resonating with democrats? steve: we talked about this yesterday. over the weekend we heard a member of the president's cabinet, some other people close to the president say, you know what, that's not essential that government-run option. well, there has been a liberal firestorm. anthony weiner, a congressman from new york, said if there is no government option the president will lose 100 votes in the u.s. house. meanwhile, senator inspector is
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not about to write off -- senator spector, is not about to write it off. listen to this. >> because there are some people who are discouraged about it. the coop might have the same elements where there is an operation which is not for profit. but let's write the bill, let's consider it and let's try to do something positive. gretchen: the interesting thing here is they probably have the votes in the house to pass the health care reform bill with the government-run program intact. but they may not have the votes, the democrats in the senate because a lot of the blue dogs have said, hey, we are not going to pass this, we are not going to put our nation further into debt for the remainder of our children and grandchildren to try to figure out. so the interesting thing about health and human services secretary kathleen cebellius was, was that for conservatives who don't want the government-run program or for
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the liberals? i think it was for the liberals. you saw the reaction more from them. steve: absolutely. gretchen: than did you from conservatives possibly clapping. steve: it was a blue-on-blue revolt i think what the white house thinks is, you know, with weiner saying you're going to lose 100 votes in the house, i think the white house thinks that the house democrats will not be able to say no to a health care bill and so they're going to think about, ok, no public option because that's the only way they can get it through the u.s. senate. brian: the speaker of the house made it clear that there will be no house bill without a government option. howard dean -- "you can't do reform without a public option." the congressional black caucus is outraged and let the white house know about it along with the progressive caucus. that is not good on the democratic side. so meanwhile there are these town halls making the news and the rounds, even the national news. the network news saying this is something we haven't seen in
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quite a while that stood out with congressman boyd of florida. he's been amazed at the reaction and the size of his crowds. gretchen: he's a blue dog democrat serving his seventh term in a conservative area of florida. one of the questioners recently said, hey, would you be willing to scrap this whole health care reform bill and start over? boyd said, yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea. if that's the sentiment. blue dog democrats, this bill is in trouble this bill is in trouble if that's the sentiment because it will not pass if the blue dogs get back together as a coalition. steve: speaking of in trouble. what was the white house thinking? they came up on august 4 with this great idea. you know, there's so much dis information out there about the president's plan to have a government option, you know, rethink and redesign health care in this country. so they came up with this thing. if you see something fishy, e-mail it to us at flag at white yesterday somebody said this is really a bad idea.
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there's been a firestorm now. we were just talking about the firestorm on the left. now on the right. a letter was sent to the white house saying, hey, what exactly are you going to do to ensure that all of those e-mail address that were sent to you, you're not going to use them for retribution or anything? he said as the light suddenly came on -- gretchen: the second coming. coming down from heaven. brian: go ahead, steve. steve: so they want to know why and how the e-mails were sent to the white house from people who didn't request them as well. so in addition to the fishy e-mail, he wants to know how did all of those people who didn't ask for white house correspondence wind up with that memo from david axlerod? gretchen: this is a huge story to me. this is huge that the white house is now saying that they no longer have this e-mail box. steve: they shut it down. gretchen: they shut it down. this is big news. the big question today will be whether or not other news outlets will cover this.
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this is big news. they set up a big website, a big program. people ce mail in their fishy thoughts. and now they're going to shut it down after being in existence only since august 4? remember john cornyn? he wrote that letter to the president saying, hey, there's a big problem with this white house kind of an e-mail setup because what are you going to do with all of those names? he spearheaded this. brian: he said, can you imagine if your pred sayser did that, anyone had access to these e-mail addresses? what would they do with it. now you get an automatic response. there's new procedures with the e-mails in terms of consolidating those people who write you. he says we're implementing measures to make subscribing to e-mails clearer including advocacy groups from signing up people onto our list without their permission. that's what we talked about yesterday with nick shapiro. steve: exactly right so anyway, the website does not work. however when it bounces back to you, it says, but we are still accepting your information at
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this different white house address so they keep it coming in. here's the problem. under the presidential records act anything they get they've got to keep forever. so if one of your neighbors narked on you, my neighbor sent me this and i think there's something fishy about what he's saying, that will be kept by the federal government forever. and i think in 20 years when historians look back at this site, they're going to go, what were we thinking? why did we think that was going to be a good idea? gretchen: if they're now accepting the feedback at another website -- steve: they will also have to keep that forever. gretchen: so what's the difference? is this a name change to make it sound better? steve: they're still saying go ahead and send it to this other spot. by the way, we're going to have a guy whose teen daughter has been receiving e-mail from the white house, coming up very shortly. and just like so many of you, she did not ask for that particular e-mail service.
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brian: if you want to see a clear view, i watched major garrett with a telestrator last night as he talked about the new change in the white house, what's going to be the box and how to go ahead and write stuff in and what's going to be recorded. let's talk about how the president's doing so far. remember real clear politics? we were all over this because they consolidate all the major polls and come up with one overall number. steve: an average. brian: during eat legislation. kind of stopped going there. let's look at how barack obama is doing six months in. gretchen: he has a 53% approval rating when you consolidate the major polls. he has 40% of the american public who disapprove of the job that he is doing thus far. steve: so when you look at that, you subtract it and wind up with the president has a positive number of 13. what's interesting is, when he took office just about six months ago, he was up on average in the 30's, 40's, and even
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50's. at the gallup poll he was up by 49. now he's up by 13. so in the last six months he's had some tough sledding pollwise. brian: we'll see if it stops with this health care reform as we get back to action in september. a lot of show coming your way. gretchen: he nearly died twice but our next guest a senior pastor and cancer survivor is alive and well today ex-said he would not have survived under obama's plan for health care. brian: then the police officer who arrested the harvard professor. a standing ovation. we'll tell you why. steve: rounds for everybody?
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brian: ents prize rent-a-car caught selling cars without air bags. the company blames a computer glitch for the confusion. you have chevy oy mpala sold without air bags. the company offering to buy back the cars or give $200 to people who want to keep them. there are concerns that a popular jeep could catch on fire. the government looking into the complaints against the 2007 and 2008 jeep wranglers. these -- three people have seed the jeep's automatic transmission overheated, sparking a fire. chrysler says it's cooperating with the investigation. back to you guys as i sit in the couch and observe your interview. i know it's going to be exciting. steve: thank you very much. he's in the greenroom. gretchen: here's a loaded question. what would jesus do? that's the loaded question for
6:17 am
christians when it comes to health care reform. many religious groups are divided over the morality of the universal health care. steve: a senior pastor and cancer survivor joins us. good morning, bishop. >> good morning. steve: i know you were diagnosed with cancer and you were given just a slim chance of survival a few years ago. >> yes. steve: why is it you feel you would not have survived under the president's government-run health care plan? >> well with universal care right now there would be an extended time to wait so delay or denial of treatment could mean death for someone like myself. i nearly died twice in the process of removing esophageal cancer. i had a huge tumor at the top of my stomach. it was quite an ordeal so people like me and others who are in dire situations, even a three-month delay in terms of
6:18 am
treatment could mean death. so is it right that someone else gets treated? am i worth less because i'm worth more financially? and so where we are is right now the choices of the president and others would make are going to have life and death consequences for those of us who are already, if you will, in the system. gretchen: i'm happy to report you've been in remission for the last two years. so that is wonderful news. >> yes. gretchen: but i find in a fascinating discussion from a religious point of view because you actually believe that government-run health care could be immoral. what do you mean by that? >> well, i believe that if you were making choices that the family should make -- remember the modern hospital, if you would, was founded in 331a.d. constantine converted to christianity. the first medical schools were founded by churches. in america christian infirmaries were the beginning of the hospitals that happened. so this may not be the perve yew
6:19 am
toteally of the -- totally of the government. in other words, the church, other organizations, need assist in the overall care. steve: and bishop, that makes perfect sense. but how do you feel about the whole health care debate in the country? finally we're getting our chance with town halls and stuff like that to actually have some input into the lawmakers and yet they're trying to get this through really fast without a lot of people talking about it. >> well, steve, that was crazy. they need to slow down and make sure that people like myself and others are not harmed. other systems would require all kind of waits and delays. i repeat, delay or denial can mean death. people in my church are waiting for transplants. there are all kinds of things that are complicated so we're looking at philosophy versus practicality. gretchen: i like this point of view. we haven't talked about it yet.
6:20 am
thank you so much for your thoughts. >> god bless you both. steve: god bless you. meanwhile, the white house admitting it sent unsolicited e-mail about health care reform. but do they even know who they're sending messages to? our next guest says his teenage daughter got her e-mail and now worries the white house has her information forever. gretchen: banned at speaking at graduation on the chance you might mention religion? that happened to one student. she was the class president. it's the same school that had the principal arrested for blessing food. what is going on in florida? if you're like a lot of people,
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brian: the white house seemed to admit it collected and sent messages to e-mail recipients who had not signed up in a
6:24 am
statement released exclusively to fox, as we told you, nick shapiro said they hoped the messages hadn't inconvenienced anybody. that almost sounds sarcastic. our next guest says he's disturbed by the government's intrusion. >> ken scott's 15-year-old daughter received one of those unsolicited e-mails from the white house. he joins us now this morning. good morning to you, sir. >> how are you doing? gretchen: so you found out in kind of a weird way that your 15-year-old had received two of these e-mails. how did you find out? >> me and my wife were watching tv in the morning. i heard about the press conference. i saw the press conference. later that afternoon i was catching neil cavuto and they were talking about the e-mails again. my daughter walked by and said, oh, i received one of those e-mails. that's when i asked her, let me see it. that's when i contacted you guys. brian: have you figured out how she might have ended up on this list? was there a group or something that you might have joined that
6:25 am
might have lent your e-mail address out or hers? >> they don't have mine. she don't know how they got hers. i'm just a little disturbed by it coming directly from the white house. it doesn't matter what group she may have signed up for. but i'd like to know what group sent her e-mail, her personal information, to the white house. she's a minor. gretchen: i know because she's a minor. you say if she were of voting age, it wouldn't bother you as much. but why does it bother you that it comes from the white house? >> because it is from the government. i feel like big brother is looking in on us. my main concern was her privacy and being able to keep that. i'd like to know what group sent the e-mail to the president or the white house. brian: in thinkin about it you said your daughter does have some so-called liberal views, mostly about animals. do you think she signed up for
6:26 am
something, whether it's save the animals, keep the dogs alive or -- >> that's very possible. that's very possible. brian: how does she feel about it? >> she doesn't like it. gretchen: i find it fascinating as a parent, ken. i haven't gotten to that point yet with my kids where i have to do the filters. but i find it fascinating that we're filtering out pornography and the other stuff and yet the white house can get an e-mail through. >> right. it's another question. how good is the white house security system or e-mail system that allows these groups to send mass e-mails to them? you'd think they'd have a little better system. brian: exactly. so far from what we've told you, because you watch the channel and now we've explained what the white house story is, are you satisfied that your e-mail address will be treated with a little more care now? >> i don't know. brian: ok. dubious at best. ken scott and your daughter stephanie who received that e-mail. thanks for shiring your story.
6:27 am
>> no problem. brian: 26 minutes after the hour. gretchen: what are we getting from the massive taxpayer funded bailout? remember the a.i.g. guy who took a vacation after just 48 hours on the job? i have to scratch my head to remember that one. but why he's now getting paid millions each year. brian: more than the dollar his predecessor was getting. it's known for its provocative ads. now some say peta crossed way over the line with this one, attack overweight women. gretchen: they're calling them that? holy cow. happy birthday to denis leary, comedian and star of "rescue me," 52 today. it's what doct most for headaches.
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>> president obama phoned madonna on her birthday and reassured her that no one was going to pull the plug on her. i thought that was lovely. she jus. steve: she just turned 51, right? happy birthday. we know you're watching. brian: did you see the muscles on that woman? she jumped in in like a unatard
6:32 am
or something into the pool. she is ripped. she should be in a body building contest. gretchen: no. she's not bulky like that. she has said that's all from yoga and pilates. anyway, let's get to the headlines. a homicide bombing in afghanistan leaving at least three people dead. the deadly attack coming just two days before the country's presidential election. joining us now live from kabul with the very latest is connor powell. good morning, connor. >> good morning, gretchen. it's been a particularly bloody and violent past few weeks here in afghanistan and today was no different of the just about two hours ago a car bomb exploded near a military convoy. we're now finding out that at least seven people were killed and more than 50 were injured including three u.n. workers. the area where this bomb went off there are a lot of government and military facilities on this road. saturday there was a huge attack targeting the nato headquarters.
6:33 am
there seven people were killed and nearly 100 injured. despite the violence, president karzai and the other 40 candidates have been campaigning for two months and the election is going on. president karzai has a significant lead over his top challenger. but does he not have enough votes to avoid a runoff. it's likely that some time in the first week of october president karzai will face his top challenger, dr. abdullah abdullah in a runoff. gretchen: thanks very much for that update, just two days away to that election. brian: u.s. troops could be forced to leave iraq a year ahead of schedule. the decision will be in the hands of iraqi voters. it's part of a proposed referendum just backed by iraqi prime minister nory al-maliki but it's a move the u.s. commanders on the ground do not like since violence in the country son the rides. if iraqi lawmakers sign off on the proposal, the referendum will be held in january.
6:34 am
steve: and the new c.e.o. of a.i.g., the one who is spending his first month on the job vacationing in croatia, well, now we're learning how much he is getting paid for working so hard. can you say $7 million a year? that's a combination of salary and stock and he could make millions more in performance-enbans -- performance-based incentives. he has to figure out how to repay $182 billion in tart money -- tarp money to the government. if does he that, he's worth $7 million. gretchen: some dramatic video when a man is arraigned for a double murder. gretchen: about 30 grief-stricken relatives screamed and then lunged inside the massachusetts courtroom. the 60-year-old is is a cuesed
6:35 am
of -- is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend. even his son sided with the family. >> he fell in love with the woman. he went crazy. he shoot her. >> he was obsessed with her. he was watching her. he knew they were coming. gretchen: the female victim was a single mom of three boys. brian: another slice of americana gone. reader's digest is filing for bankruptcy. the decision is part of a plan with lenders to reduce debt by 75% and give them more ownership of the company. despite being the most popular general manage design in the u.s. the monthly has faced declining circulation and a drop in ad sales, like everybody else. the company's c.e.o. says no layoffs are anticipated and the bankruptcy won't impact operations outside the united states of america.
6:36 am
steve, nothing will impact your operation in america. steve: i've got most of america right here on this map. 48 of the states. right now a big thunderstorm cell moving through portions of kansas, back through oklahoma as well. for the most part it is dry in the east and the west as well. temperature-wise, let's take a look at the current readings as you go outside to start your day, whether it's work or school. right now it's room temperature in atlanta already. 72. but it's actually warmer in new york city. we've got 76 degrees. 40's in the northern plains. a few 50's through the front range of the rockies. and 70's and 80's down south. today's daytime high, man, it's going to be hot. hazy, hot and humid. 94 today in new york city. as you can see, 80's and 90's across much of the map. then you've got some hundreds from the central portions of texas down through the rio grande valley and back through southern california. meanwhile, people are asking what the heck is up with bill? and there is bill right now. right now it is a category two
6:37 am
hurricane. and the worry is that over the next couple of days it could actually take aim on the mainland. right now it is moving to the west-northwest ever so slowly. there is thinking, though that over the next couple of days it's going to bend to the right and should not impact the u u.s. of a. coast except for some rough surf. that's your travelcast. tell us about some police news. gretchen: ok. the police sergeant who set off a national debate on race relations honored with a standing ovation. [applause] gretchen: cambridge sergeant james crowley addressed officers at a police convention. more than 3,000 officers cheered for crowley as he thanked the group for their support. >> it has been very difficult for my family, friends, colleagues in cambridge. it's no exaggeration to say that
6:38 am
it wouldn't have been this easy for me to handle this without the support of the fraternal order of police. gretchen: crowley arrested scholar henry gates. president obama invited the two men to drink beer at the white house after he said crowley acted stupidly. those are your headlines. steve: and we haven't seen joe biden since. brian: if you look up and think, that doesn't look right? you might have been looking at the "save the whales" peta ad. look at this makeup. look at what they're doing to women in this ad and trying to get people to not kill animals. steve: this ad is being run down in the jacksonville area by peta, people for the ethical treatment of animals. it says "lose the blubber: go vegetarian." this has ignited a firestorm. people are steamed. what is peta doing taking a shot at people?
6:39 am
gretchen: i think this is so over the top. "save the whales?" they are calling women who have a little chubbiness on them whales. they're calling them wheels. and they're surprised that there would be outrage over that? furthermore, i know a lot of vegetarians, by the way, who aren't slim so i'm not so sure that being a vegetarian just automatically means you're going to be svelt and slim. this defies the whole thing we're talking about, the message we're supposed to be giving young women and young men to eat healthy. there's another way to save the animals. brian: people can eat healthy and eat meat. gretchen: of course. steve: peta will do anything to get you to stop eating meat in this case they're taking on a lot ever people who probably supported peta in the past. peta stands by the ad. "our goal is to help overweight jacksonville residents."
6:40 am
steve: too late, peta. you blowed it. gretchen: they do have something who's relatively smart in their public relations department because we end up talking about it, get attention. and now people know what peta is. e-mail us, tweet us, let us know what you think about that. brian: sports right now. but something better than me doing sports. how about if jessica healy does sports. jessica, you are saying goodbye to us as one of our finest interns ever. where are you from? >> i'm from birmingham, alabama. brian: what did you want to do when you grow up? >> i wanted to be a reporter just like you. brian: you see that? just like me. >> as you both as well. brian: could you tell us what the sports should sound like? >> love to. one of the most highly touted
6:41 am
baseball prospects in years has signed a record-breaking contract. the deal between stephen strasburg and the washington nationals ends a long stalemate. the nats signed the pitcher to a $15 million deal that shatters the record for a rookie contract. strasburg went 13-1 with 1.32 e.r.a. in his final season at san diego state. the nationals are counting on him to resurrect this franchise. how did michael vick end up in eye philadelphia eagles uniform? well, you should look to quarterback donovan mcnabb. mcnabb played a huge role in bringing the newly released quarterback to philly. mcnabb made several calls to vick. he even spoke to eagles coach andy reid about him. mcnabb says he has no problem sharing playing time with vick. the two have been friends since mcnabb tried to recruit vick to go to his alma mater, syracuse. it's every kid's dream to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. so how about catching two from the same at-bat? i know i'd like that.
6:42 am
that's what happened to a kid at the rangers-red sox game. he caught not one but two foul balls in the fifth inning. the crowd went wild, leaving many players to wonder what was going on in the stands. by the way, the rangers now lead the american league wild card race. sweeping new credit card rules take effect in two days. i'm going to leave that to you. [laughing] brian: doing the show herself. did a wonderful job. a round of applause. how are your grades? >> i actually graduated three years ago. they just let me reenroll so i could do this. but straight a's. brian: really? all right. this is a worker's violation. [laughing] >> fox has been great. don't get them in trouble. brian: i've never seen them in person but they seem nice by their pictures. you did a great job.
6:43 am
best of luck in alabama. say hello to your people. wow. graduated three years ago. i had no idea. gretchen: she did such a nice job. thanks, jessica. sweeping new credit card rules. this is what she was alluding to. they take effect in only two days. could mean new fees, higher interest rates. could you protect yourself from being charged extra cash? we're going to uncover that, coming up next. steve: then the student body president asked not to speak at her own graduation. the first time it's happened at that school in 33 years. she says it's because the school thought she might say something religious. she will join us live. when i was seventeen
6:44 am
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6:47 am
drop in weeks. why did the stocks take such a hit? brian: joining us right now from the go business network, live in the studio for the first time on the couch. >> i got promoted. i didn't have to stand in the corner. i must have done something right. brian: you do a lot right. it's very nice of to you explain these new rules. put into effect a while ago. now we're going to see something happen. >> yes. a couple of things. the credit card rules, first off, everybody needs to open their mail. particularly this week. it's very very important. there's a lot of mail coming through from these credit card companies. they're trying to follow the rules that are going to be set in place starting thursday which says they're give a little bit more time before they increase our interest rates but they're getting that paperwork out of the way. they want to let you know, by the way, we're changing everything about our credit card, get ready to pay more fees. steve: they're saying, ok, you're going to have a little more time before you have to pay the fees. because they have lost so much
6:48 am
revenue in other stuff, they've got to make up for lost stuff. they're actually jacking up the rates they charge us for all sorts of stuff. >> i don't know if you've noticed this. just going to an a.t.m. you pay a little bit more. even if it's 25 cents more. it's literally nickeling and diming you in different places. when you sign up for a loan, your application fee, etc., etc. they're finding different ways of trying to make money. steve: explain what happened yesterday with the stock market. consumer sentiment, more people are saving money. they're a little uncertain about the future. >> to be honest, every day i'm at the nasdaq. that's the big tech trading hub there. i have my ear to the ground. i know what's going on. frankly, investors were excited about yesterday's selloff. i tell you why. we've seen such a dramatic runup in stocks over the last three months that at some point you feel like you want to take some money off the table, stock the momentum a little bit. that's what it was yesterday. we saw some i some investors tay
6:49 am
off the table. fiewt tours are pointing to a -- futures are pointing to a higher open today. we're going to see this up and down. that happens during the summer. that also typically happens during september and october. they tend to be more negative months. steve: only three months. >> the market has been up 30% this year. we take what we can get. brian: thank you so much. >> you're a hard customer to please, steve. steve: tell me about it. brian: gretchen, what's coming up next? gretchen: banned from speaking at her own graduation because some people feared she might say something christian. she joins us live coming up next. then, check this out you know whose car this is? this is nascar's tony stewart's. he's here with the car in just a few minutes. . ú? [ female announcer ] the deeper you clean,
6:50 am
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gretchen: you're not going to believe this. steve: i'm looking at graduation back there. gretchen: she was told she couldn't speak at her graduation even though for the past year the student body president has been the featured speaker. steve: she just graduated from pace school in florida. a school that recently came under fire from the aclu. we told you last week about how they were cracking down on the principal and athletic director because they said grace before a meal. well, anyway, mary al lebanon joins us now from tallahassee. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning. steve: so the aclu has really cracked down on your school. they struck a dole. they hauled your school into noah court. we told about the school and
6:54 am
athletic director who said grace before a meal and they face jail time now. >> yes, sir. steve: who told you, mary, that as president of the senior class you could not speak because you might say something religious? >> well, actually i heard it for the first time on my local news with the rest of the community. i got home and watching the 10:00 news the school board attorney let out a press release this day. they decided this year only the valedictorian and salute would be able to speak at graduation. gretchen: on the face it sounds so absolutely ridiculous which i am sure is the reaction you h the school new -- knew you were a christian and they thought you might. >> after i heard that on the
6:55 am
necessary -- news the -- 9 page document of rules and regulations of all employees have to abide by. one of the new rules says student speakers must be selected by a a neutral process. he explained this to me. i was like what was a process. we are well aware teachers had the opportunity to vote in your election. i said yeah that's true. 20% of the teachers voted. because they could have voted on religious values you were not selected neutrally. gretchen: sounds like a p.c. mess. steve: sounds crazy. aclu struck so wouldn't get in the court system. the aclu, which forced your school to make these provisions now the aclu said that's not
6:56 am
what we had in mind. she should be able to speak her peace. >> see, the way i understood it, the school board did this to keep themselves from getting into further trouble. gretchen: right. >> had i been able to speak on graduation night as planned and i had said a prayer or i prayed or talked about my religious value as school board representative would have been responsible for coming up to me and physically telling me to stop praying. gretchen: were you going to say anything religious anyway? >> yeah. i will go ahead and admit it. steve: what were you going to say, say it. >> i had to thank god first of all because i didn't accomplish anything by myself. you know, like it was only through him that i even made it that far. and so. gretchen: you know what, mary? how dare you say. this and you know i'm tongue in cheek. this is so ridiculous that we have come to this point in society where thanking god would be not allowed.
6:57 am
it's absolutely ridiculous on its face. steve: i have gone two graduations at my children's high school. student speakers at both of them who thanked god for getting them that far. that is nuts. mary allen, thank you very much for finally saying what you wanted to say at your observe graduation. thanks for saying it here on "fox & friends." >> thanks for having me on. gretchen: i have a feeling she is going to make it in the world even though they didn't let her speak. steve: it's a crazy situation. steve: universal health care a good idea like in canada where everyone gets coverage. the system is sick and imploding. steve: that's the system we want. sheila jackson lee caught chatting on her cell phone while that woman, a breast cancer survivor asking a question. you pan the camera over. yes, the congresswoman k. is on a cell phone. steve: probably thought the outcry is over? it's not.
6:58 am
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(announcer) for a free trial offer, call 1-800-4-boniva. gretchen: happy tuesday, everyone. august 18th. here is what is happening right now. think the problems with health care are going away? think again. this morning one member of congress saying he doesn't care that his own constituents, what they think. another charging entrance fee to town halls now. the outrageous statements you have to hear. straight ahead. four men including two nfl players lost at sea. that man speaking out about the experience. >> when i look back, why change some things? i mean, maybe. but at the same time, who knows. >> you can't do that? >> yeah, i know that. but it's impossible not to. why am i here and three are gone? brian: that was a story we covered it you watched it the frightening story how nick skyler stayed alive at sea while
7:02 am
his friends didn't? steve: bernie gold beg stopping by in the hour. credit card chris tri what you look at may not seem like much. thousand works and how you can protect yourself straight ahead. meanwhile, our slogan this hour comes from chick in pennsylvania. "fox & friends," balanced and fair, and number one on the air. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: there is our cheat sheet. it's the teleprompter. gretchen: it says right at the top the health care debate rages on as the white house signal it's considering co-opt over a so-called public option. what the heck does that all mean? melanie wilks is live for us in washington. break it down for all of us to understand it a little bit better. >> you are right, gretchen.
7:03 am
the white house has signalled it might be ok with dumping public option in favor of these nonprofit co-opts. what's the difference between them? public option is a nonprofit, government-run insurance program designed to offer serious competition to private companies so they will keep their cost down. the criticism says it doesn't have to turn a profit, it would drive private insurance out and essentially become the only option. the president obama has countered that the public plan would collect premiums and be mandated to operate like a private company. an insurance co-opt could would be a nonprofit organization run by its members. it would put together a network of providers and negotiate payments with them. it could operate on a state, regional or national level. democratic senator kent conrad, who is a key supporter of the idea thinks each co-opt would need 500,000 members to succeed and the government would have to offer start up money around $6 billion. supporters say co-opts would offer competition against private companies.
7:04 am
opponents think it would be far walk -- weaker. some states they have failed other states they have worked. some republicans say co-opts need government subsidies. really just a government plan by another name. gretchen: thanks very much. let's take a look what canada is doing. brian: a place that has worked i understand is minnesota where there is a health care plan that has about 500,000 people in it and they're happy with it other questions there is just a lot of questions. they don't even have hard set rules yet. steve: they don't. they don't know what it would like -- look like exactly. neighbor to the north in canada, some have suggested if we wind up with the government's health care plan, will it look like canada? maybe. maybe that's not such a good thing if you read the news today. the incoming president of the canadian medical association a woman by the name of anne doig.
7:05 am
she says the system in canada, she should say this because she is a doctor, is sick. she is a real list. she says it's imploding. is that the system we want? let's take a deeper look at that. gretchen: she said it is not sustainable at current level. that's the fear to a lot of people in america if you bring government-run health care to this country? will it be sustainable? who the heck will pay for it? i thought canada now is looking to the u.s. to see how we are doing things? i thought things were running pretty well there. brian: they don't seem to be pointing at us and mocking us. it's us that keep pointing up there and say wow, why can't would he be like them? no one is talking about quality of care. that's what they are talking about. people are not getting the quality care. i'm concerned that we're not being as helpful for sick people and their families that competition should be welcomed
7:06 am
it should not be feared. nobody talks about the quality of care. they talk about giving care. steve: we had steven crowder on about 10 days ago who did a 15 minute video. he went up and sat in the emergency room waiting and he waited hours before he could see one nurse who would tell -- the triage nurse who would say you need to wait another four hours for whatever the problem was. so the question of the quality of care is right there. they don't have snappy care like we do down here. and then for this incoming president of the canadian medical association to say it's not sustainable. that suggests that they can't afford it so if they have got bad quality and it's costing too much, which part of that do we want? brian: that president's name is dr. doig. sounds like from the simpsons. gretchen: 50% tax rate there. steve: continuing with the simpson's thing they are going
7:07 am
through too much doh! gretchen: i can't do that sound effect. one congressman out of new york may actually be saying that if he is reelected. why? he says guess what? i don't care what my constituents thing. i don't care what they think. i'm voting for single pair no matter. what listen to this. >> cut your feeght 60, 40. single pair and you would vote for it. >> absolutely i would vote. >> 60, 40. >> i tell every audience i'm in favor of. >> 80-20. >> i will vote for the single pair bill. >> even if it meant you are being voted out of office. >> i'm adamantly against -- will vote adamantly against my district if i actually think what i'm doing is going to help them. brian: i will adamantly vote against my district. steve: against the interest of his district. he was, over the weekend, that
7:08 am
video -- and we apologize for the sound quality. it's not very good. you get the point. he was at the net roots convention in pittsburgh. he said i will vote against the interest of my own district, he said, quote, just to reiterate what gretch said a moment ago. i don't care what my constituents think. i'm voting for single pair. now, keep in mind, this is a guy who wound up in the u.s. congress by a margin of 51 to 49. he is effectively taking his electoral life in his hands. he is saying the way i read it. i'm smarter than the people who put me in congress because i'm going to do what i think is best for them. gretchen: the end of that little chunk of sound he does say because i think it will be in their better interests. brian: raise me why don't you. gretchen: i want to make sure we are putting the whole thing he said out there. some people might say ok, here is a guy who ho is a maverick acting on his own for what he truly believes in.
7:09 am
this whole health care thing has become bigger than that. this has become you do have to listen to all points of view because it is so huge and so life-changing. brian: democrat in a very republican district. might be a republican next. steve: why are they having town halls this guy says i'm a adamant about this. i could have 50 town halls and everybody could say i'm against that but he could still vote for it because he feels in his heart it's the right thing to do. somebody is going to turn that into a very effective ad against him. brian: town halls for congress boyd blue dog democrat who outraged and says i won't vote for the bill. melissa beaten has an interesting town halls she wants to have them and serve breakfast. steve: to go to her town hall she is having it at the forum of the chamber of commerce. you have got to pay $25 entrance
7:10 am
fee. get this straight. freedom of speech in front of your u.s. congressman it's going to cost $25. well, after that particular screen save right there, screen shot ran, people said oh, that's a little -- we got to tone that down. so they came one new one had essentially the same facts but it wasn't quite that much. because that does seem like you want an audience with her it's going to cost $25. gretchen: they should at least serve lunch because they could serve frank and beans. brian: i think they should do a massage. steve: a joint appearance with frank and then it could be frank and beans. gretchen: she got into a fight the night she disappeared according to kristi cornwell's boyfriend who says he overheard a struggle while talking to her on the phone. police believe cornwell was abducted a week ago while walking near her parent's home in georgia. she is a former state probation officer, the mother of a
7:11 am
15-year-old son. coming up in the next hour. her mother and brother will join us live with the latest information on the search for her. details that might help find her. we are talking about hurricane bill which right now a category 2 storm. packing winds of 100 miles per hour. the winds of this hurricane extending a whopping 150 miles from its center. bill expected to gain strength over the next few days, become a major hurricane. right now the storm is on track to come very close to bermuda by the end of the week. steve: i don't think it's going to hit north carolina like that picture. gretchen: being called the largest credit card theft in america history. 130 million credit and debt card numbers reportedly swiped by three thieves. get, this the ringleader is a former secret service informant. albert gonzalez helped the government root out hackers after arrest. the other two are believed to be russian. most of the numbers were swiped from the heartland payment
7:12 am
systems. seven 7/11 and the hannaford food chain. coming up how you can protect yourself: spokesperson taliban now in custody. they have captured omar during a morning raid near the afghan border. omar acted as the voice of the taliban calling journalists to claim responsibility for terrorist attacks. his capture the second high profile taliban arrest in pakistan this week alone. forces nabbed another militant commander with links to al qaeda just last night. the government's campaign to protect americans from the swine flu is facing delays now. u.s. officials announced a shortage in the number of vaccines that will be ready this fall. the department of health and human services says only 45 million doses of the new h1n1 vaccine will be on hand by mid october. initial estimates indicated 120 million doses would be available. mounting speculation this
7:13 am
morning. england's prince william and long time girlfriend finally setting a wedding date. a british paper reports the couple will marry in 2011. after the prince establishes himself as a working royal. what's that? brian: oxymoron. gretchen: the paper says they are not officially engaged. it's an understanding. that doesn't work out well. steve: whole country understands it would be hard to walk away from that. brian: obama administration is trying to use the web to get information to and from voters. they keep messing it up. judge napolitano is here to tell us how sometimes this could mean breaking the law. steve: the exclusive interview with nick schuyler as he reflects on the day he lost two friends in the ocean. >> there was a point in the middle of the night when, i mean, we were 15, 10, 15 feet
7:14 am
away from the boat and the current is going every which way, pulling us away. we are fighting just to keep each other close. touching, you know. we all thought it. i was thinking about it the whole time. there is a chance we might not make it through the night. bernie goldberg got the interview. bernie joins us a half an hour from right now. ntrum silver ult. ♪ [ female announcer ] arthritis targets your body where it's weak. where it's vulnerable. ♪ tylenol arthritis works with your body
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steve news yesterday, the largest credit card theft in american history. more than 130 million accounts hacked. the leader identified as 2-year-old alberto gonzales a former secret service informant. gretchen: how do cyber criminals go about getting your personal information, most importantly, how can you protect yourself? i.d. theft expert and opinion of security system tom russen is here with us. good morning, tom. >> good morning. gretchen: you say it's the
7:18 am
largest identity theft case ever prosecuted. 130 million credit and debit cards. there is a lot of people in the u.s. who had their identity stolen. >> absolutely. gretchen: how did it happen it. >> happens every day. someone's identity is stolen every three and a half seconds. wait a few second and it will happen again. so much data on us. no matter where you shop, where you bank, what you use for internet service provider. there is so much data out there about us. it's floating in wireless networks. floating around in secured networks, unsecured networks. the hackers know that the data is tremendously valuable. they go after the data. steve: once upon a time the worse thing had you to worry about was here in new york city where a waiter or someone disappears for a couple of minutes comes back, might have charged a bunch of stuff. how are these guys actually getting it. you say it's out there. how do we put it in there? >> they get it through wireless trans missions. through hacking in computer
7:19 am
systems. steve: people are monitoring phone calls? >> laptop conversations. turn on home computer and get access to the neighbors if i wanted to. drive around with the laptop with a wireless connection and get access to home information. the information is out there. people have to protect themselves because it's almost impossible to stop the flow. gretchen: what people need to know is how do they do that? how do they protect themselves? >> one day identity protection is going to become something that comes just as commonplace as home insurance or auto insurance. people, we can't stop the flow of information out to the web. we can't stop the information to the bad guys. the chat room that you just had up on the screen is where this information is bought and sold. so, you know, one of the things we do as a company is monitor these things for people and tell them when their information is exposed. steve: we are looking at a chat room right there. somebody else gathers this stuff and they go in the chat room and sell it to somebody else who ultimately will try to ding you
7:20 am
for the dough. >> hundreds of chat rooms. they operate in stolen proxy centers around the world. it's impossible to shut them down. we don't know who is hosting them or the person behind the keyboard. thousands of pieces of personal information are expose every day. steve: do you just check your credit rating to find out if you are exposed or your credit card? >> you should check your credit reports and monitor your credit reports. you won't know, for instance if your mother's maiden name was sold in the chat room. we secret. we see social security numbers put in the chat room. you do a service that goes into that room and looks for that information to be exposed as well. steve: have you officially scared the living daylights out of us. gretchen: tom rusin president of security centers that does just that. >> thanks for having me. gretchen: is the internet using the internet to be cyber bullies. judge napolitano breaks down what he believes to be the latest web mistakes. steve: this woman got snubbed by sheila jackson lee at a town
7:21 am
hall meeting on health care. as she is asking her question, the congresswoman was on the phone. she has apologized but this has outraged the citizen. find out what she wants next. % - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! what do you say to a spin around the color wheel? - to paint with primer already mixed in? - ♪ yeah yeah yeah... - test samples instead of can commitments? - ♪ whoo!
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call now or go to ♪ brian: the obama administration seems to be pushing the nfl how it uses technology. gretchen: computer if you cash for clunkers web site. then it set up a snitch web site where you could report people oppose to the health care report plans. fishy thing. then it unsolicited spams then blamed a third party. brian: who is taking responsibility anymore? are these legitimate mistakes?
7:25 am
fox news am list refuses to be intimidated. is he judge andrew napolitano. is he right here. this is a tech-savvy white house. do you think they actually tripped over themselves here or they knew exactly what they were doing? >> it's a political judgment on my part. iyo-yo like what they do. i assume they know what they are doing. it the law says there are certain things they cannot do. they cannot capture and make a list of the names of people who disagree with the president. can't behave in such a way that they intimidate people who want to disagree with the president. why? because there is a statute that prohibits them from doing it the supreme court has interpreted that statute to say the first amendment requires breathing room. it requires a comfort level. when the white house is in your face or athletic to get in your face, that removes that comfort level and causes to you think twice before you criticize it. and if the government makes you think twice before you criticize it, the government has violated four first amendment rights. gretchen: all right. now, during the campaign when you are running for president,
7:26 am
you can send out these kind of emails. could it be possible that they are still in campaign mode in their mind? >> yes, can you gather that information when you are in the campaign and, yes, they could still be in campaign mode. but the president took an oath. it was filibustered, but he took an oath not only to enforce of the constitution to uphold the laws. the thou shall not intimidate enemies when one enters the white house. gretchen: did they break the law. >> breaking the law requires intent. if one could show they are intentionally trying to intimidate yes, then they would have broken the law. they are so tech savvy. it is hard to believe that they did not know what they are doing. they are presumed to know the law. and they are presumed to know the effect of their behavior with respect to the law. brian: in this age of technology, in the 70's you write a longhand letter. i got the address. but this email relatively knew. can the constitution keep up
7:27 am
with electronic age? >> yes, yes. the language in the statute doesn't prohibit keeping the names and addresses in longhand. it prohibits compiling a list. can you compile it by longhand or you can compile it electronically. if you are in the white house, and you compile a list of those who disagree with you, that's called intimidation. and the first amendment prohibits the government from intimidating. and they have to know that the type of conversation we're having now, they should be listening to. so if they are reminded that our first amendment rights are unfettered. the purpose of the first amendment is to encourage debate. if the white house discourages debate, it is offending the first amendment. brian: i will tell you what gretchen is thinking. what do you know about the constitution. judge: what i learned from kilmeade. gretchen: he knows a heck of a lot. others have not covered this story. >> major garrett did historic job about uncovering.
7:28 am
this everybody should be talking about it. brian: where is steve? do you know what's coming up next? steve: actually, brian, i'm here in the green room getting a cup of coffee. coming up, i will tell you who that person is in just a moment. i aa lot of you already know. we were talking about this last week. a congresswoman holds a town hall. however, there is a woman, a cancer survivor who is patiently asking a question. and, yet, the congresswoman is on her cell phone, rudely yacking away while that cancer survivor now taking her on on youtube. and, cash for clunkers, a real clunker for some dealers, only 2% of the reimburse. s have gone through. congressman joe sestak wants to know why. he will join us. and then nascar legend and expert at cash for clunkers, tony stewart. are you an expert at cash for clunkers? >> i have created some clunkers. steve: he is going to join us live. find out why his car is on our plaza find out straight ahead for "fox & friends" on a t
7:29 am
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7:32 am
brian: i thought it was the biggest disi have ever seen in public life. gretchen: tracy miller was the woman who goes to the town hall meeting in texas. her congress member there sheila lee jackson takes her question -- by the way she is a cancer survivor. speaking out asking a question. the camera pans away.
7:33 am
what is sheila jackson lee doing while tracy is asking her the question? steve: she is on the phone. gretchen: she is on her cell phone. jackson lee later explained to i think it was the hill or "roll call" newspaper down in washington what she was doing was speaking to somebody at the i-there is a hotline that's been set up so you can get quick answers to somebody. she was talking to somebody on the hotline to get some answers to some questions. extraordinarily the woman had not asked a question yet. and, yet, there she was doing it anyway, she was on -- sheila jackson lee was on greta the other day. greta was trying to get her you know are you going to apologize? do you feel bad? were you rude? here is what the congresswoman had to say. >> i certainly can understand if offense was taken. it was not meant to be. and i hope that tracy will come to my town hall meetings as i make my way through the month of august is scoi tell her there was no offense. sorry, tracy.
7:34 am
we can work through. this i hope can i convince her to support hr 3200. steve: how can she sigh save there was no fns o the congresswoman was not offended, of course. no not. tracy miller was offended. she was on her show and said she was amazed the congresswoman did that. brian: the best comment in the background was come on, dude. gretchen: that was from somebody in the audience. speaking of a good campaign ad. if you are going to run against sheila jackson lee, pull that video. that's a campaign ad. listen how tracy miller has responded on youtube. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, i appreciate your apology on air last night. and the invitation to join you at some future town halls to learn more about hr 3200, but at this time i think it is even more important that you and other members of congress hear equally from myself and others who believe that hr 3200 is bad for america and why it is bad for america. and i would like to invite you
7:35 am
to have this dialogue in a public forum or debate which is acceptable to you. i look forward to hearing from your office about having this conversation on topic which will benefit america. brian: great quality, too. steve: absolutely. so there you have got congresswoman jackson lee say i would love for her to come to one of my town halls. now she is answering her back i challenge to you a duel. let's debate this woman to woman. brian: blackberry to blackberry. steve: find out whether or not the congresswoman takes tracy up on her deal. hope so. brian: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. let me tell you what else is happening. i will ask my two colleagues to join in. ship disappeared without a trace three weeing ago. this morning the entire crew found safe and it under arrest accused of hijacking the cargo ship arctic sea. the russian navy says it took a while to arrest them because at first they couldn't tell the hijackers apart from the crew. we also learned that the
7:36 am
hijackers gained access to the ship by saying they needed help. that their boat had broken down. no one on the crew was hurt during the ordeal. steve, you got the weather picture? steve: i do. this is hurricane bill still way out. can you see that's san juan, puerto rico, it's still a long ways from there. yesterday when i saw you talking about hurricane bill it was a category 1. it is now a category 2 maxz mum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour. the thinking right now is before it actually makes landfall it's going to take a big right. could actually come close to bermuda and would cause some rough surf in the mid-atlantic. let's take a look at the rest of the country. thunderstorms moving through portions of the central plains. it is dry for the most in the east and the west as well. and the current readings, it's already starting to warm up quite hand diddly across portions of the northeast it was
7:37 am
a really hot day yesterday. already in new york city today, it's 80 dries. about the same temperature as they have through much of florida. also, very humid. 50s, 60's, and 70's through the northern and central plains. down south temperatures in the 70's as well. real quickly, a look ahead at your day. look for the century mark. all the way from mid texas back through west texas. out through the desert as well. 94 in new york city. eight in pittsburgh. and minneapolis 80 as well. and here's that girl from minneapolis. gretch? gretchen: once upon a time. thanks, steve. at this very moment, more americans are behind in their mortgage payments than ever before. according to the credit reporting agency transunion, more than 5.8% of mortgage holders are at least two months behind in payments. that's up 65% from the second quarter last year. nevada, florida, arizona, and california top the list with the highest delinquency rates. north and south dakota had the lowest rates. steve: meanwhile, we told you how a.i.g.'s new ceo is planning
7:38 am
to spend his first few weeks on the job. on vacation. in crow asia. he is also planning on collecting a nice salary. robert ben moshay is getting paid $7 million in salary and stock. could earn millions in more in performance-based incentives. this guy has his work cut out for him though. he must figure out a way to repay the government the $182 billion that a.i.g. got in tarp money. gretch? gretchen: more michael jackson merchandise about to hit store shelves. the judge has approved a deal to let items like trading cards, clothing and digital goods to be sold. the agreement could generate about $7 million for jackson's estate. meantime an attorney for catherine jackson says she is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> dr. murray's name has been floated because he is apparent liver under criminal
7:39 am
investigation. i there i will leave it at that. gretchen: authorities are looking into the drugs dr. conrad murray gave just give me jesus son on the day that he died. steve: the person taking paula abdul's seat on "american idol" could be paula abdul? yes, talks are reportedly underway for paula's return to the show. rumors abdul would join the cast of dancing with the stars were put to rest when the official announcement was made yesterday. they introduced the cast and crew as well. one source says the demand for the singer is making her more valuable to "american idol." abdul fought for more money before announcing she was leaving via twitter. and those are your headlines. now, from twitter to tony. right, brian? brian: absolutely, steve. you know him. he is one of our favorite guests even though he shows us his favorite show in a moment of candor. nascar legend. leading the spring cup standings. owner -- tony stewart welcome back to "fox & friends."
7:40 am
>> thank you, brian. brian: how do you handle it, being an owner and driver and leading on all accounts? >> it's been fun. it's a venture that everybody said i was crazy for leaving joe gibbs racing. i miss being there a lot. being able to come over to stewart house racing and have ryan newman has been a lot of fun. brian: your dad had to take out loans and spend own money and used to have to use used tires. he would say can i borrow those tires. race and deal with that take a look at your car and find out about your great program. number 14 car. why would this go fast? >> it's got 850-horsepower first of all. that's a big power. it's 3400-pound stock car, no interior so there is no airconditioning, no luxuries no, power seats, tilt wheel. our seats are small and contained. they go fast. this new co 2 car that nascar came out with is cool.
7:41 am
brian: you talk about economic downturn significant. tighter and tighter. you are still filled with them. tony a lot of pressure to win. >> there is. luckily we are leading the cup points right now. brian: operation backpack is right here. what is operation backpack. how does it give back to the kids. >> this is a program throughout office depot foundation. and basically they are going to be giving out around 300,000 of these backpacks to underprivileged children this year. this is a pretty big landmark year for them. they will give out this season over their 2 millionth backpack. this is pretty cool. more than a backpack. it's got all the supplies in here that kids need. this is really huge in giving these kids that need a little bit of help going back to school. give them the start they need. brian: office >> office the program is on there. it's awesome. literally hundreds of organizations that will be funneling these back packs out to underprivileged kids this
7:42 am
year. brian: kids love tony stewart and tony stewart giving back. congratulations on the success and go lock up the championship it will be number three. back inside, steve tell tony what's coming up next: steve: straight ahead, he hung on for dear life as his friends floated away. now nick schuyler is speaking out for the very first time. >> weave all thought it there is a good chance that we might not make it through the might. steve: bernie goldberg joins us next with more of his exclusive interview. federal government ran health care. part of the reform bill some democrats will revolt if there is no public option. so, who are they? we are going to tell you. first, the aflac trivia question of the day. when this hotel added aflac
7:43 am
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7:46 am
gretchen: this is an amazing story. i know that you remember this one. remember that fishing trip that turned deadly for four friends when their boat capsized on florida's west coast? the accident left three men dead. and one literally clinging to life for 46 hours in those frigid cold waters. nick skyler -- nick schuyler was a sole survivor he hasn't spoken up to anyone until now. he opened up to bernie goldberg about the day that changed his life. >> if i looked back, why change some things? i mean, maybe. but, at the same time, who
7:47 am
knows. >> you can't do that. >> no, i know that but it's impossible not to. i mean, why am i here and three are gone? gretchen: well, this is an amazing interview. and bernie goldberg is my guest this morning. bernie, i have to tell you. i was just saying this in the commercial break. when i read the notes from thirnt view, i could hardly get through it this is a compelling interview. >> i was sitting obviously this far away from him and it was frightening. it was absolutely frightening. he was in the water, very cold water for 46 hours. 18 hours all by himself. watching each of his good friends, one of them was his best friend. each of them drift away. and he had to let one of them go at one point to try to save another one. gretchen: holding on to them. >> he was holding on to the first person who went marquise cooper, a pro football player because he said i was hoping we would get rescued soon and we would be able to give them a
7:48 am
proper funeral. but he had to make a decision at one point do i hold on to marquise cooper or try to save the other guy who was also suffering from hypothermia. the water was very cold it was in february. one by one, one by one, right before his eyes they slipped away. gretchen: my heart sunk when i read that the coast guard actually went by and missed them initially. >> 4:00 in the morning. when all four were still alive. two of them went about an hour or so later. the coast guard helicopters are in the sky and they actually shone the light right over them. but you know in an instant. in a flash. and they didn't see the guys. and then the guys are in the water clinging to this capsized boat, the boat had capsized because they made a terrible mistake and the anchor was stuck on the bottom of the gulf. they tried to get it up. they couldn't get it up. they didn't want to lose the anchor. they moved it to the back of the
7:49 am
boat gunned the engine and that flipped the boat. they are in the water clinging to the boat. they see the helicopter, after it shone the light on them for an instant. they see the helicopter flying away. gretchen: i can't imagine that immense pain of knowing that your rescue was nowhere to be found then. the one reason that nick schuyler survives. one of the reason is he was the only one fully clothed. >> ironically it was the rough seas that saved his life. evidence is the only one that got sea sick on the fishing trip. because he got sea sick he bundled up. the others were in shorts and bare feet. when they went into the frigid water the hypothermia finally got to them. he had shoes, a jacket and all of that second reason was soj call. he kept saying i can't let my mother go to my funeral. gretchen: oh my gosh. let's listen to his thoughts during the interview with you about whether or not he thought he would die. >> there was a point in the middle of the night when i mean, we were 15, 10, 15 feet away
7:50 am
from the boat. and the current is going every which way, pulling us away i. we are fighting just to keep each other close, touching, you know. we all thought it. i was thinking about it the whole time there is a good chance we might not make it through the night. gretchen: he is the only one that did survive. one way he is keeping in touch with marquis cooper's family. he baby-sits the daughter. >> last thing all of the men talked about with were-mile-an-hour families. marquise cooper has a little girl. he baby-sits the daughter. it's a way, a way to keep the friendship alive. gretchen: amazing interview bernie. 10:00 real sports. you are going to stick around because we are going to talk about other stuff. multi tasking with bernie. we're wondering where have all the reporters gone? why is fox news the only network pressing the administration about third party emails? 1920 women were officially granted the right to vote. number one song this date in
7:51 am
1984, the theme from ghostbusters by ray parker jr. you can sing it for me? >> no. gretchen: dance at least. [ laughter ] >> gave women the right to vote. it's a joke. it's a joke. come on. . . bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride.
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7:54 am
gretchen: of course the answer is robert redford. steve: it is a story you have only heard about on fox news. the white house sending mass e- mails trying to push the president's health-care plan. brian: things got heated. listen.
7:55 am
>> i am just asking. >> you are asking me if there on a list. >> they cannot be on a list because they never ask for an e- mail from the white house. brian: why are we the only network to tackle this story? gretchen: [laughter] brian: we had these e-mails from the white house. i should not take this personal? >> this is mike impersonation of congresswoman sheila jackson lee. brian: very good. i know you have been dying to do that. >> she was complaining that there were not enough courage james named after black people -- ever not enough perta hurrics
7:56 am
named after black people. gretchen: i have not seen this covered on any other network. >> what it comes down to come as the judge brilliantly explained, he is able to explain things very clearly. it comes down to the fear of an enemies list. i do not believe that is the case. i do not believe they ask for fishy e-mails because they are compiling a list. i do not believe that. i can tell you this. if george bush's white house were doing anything like this, this would be on the front page of "the new york times" for 45 days straight. i do not believe they are trying to get the irs to look into the
7:57 am
finances of people who disagree with them on health care. i do not believe that. from a media point of view, it is interesting that they show no interest in this. if george bush did this, we know they would be fascinated by this. steve: during the campaign, they had a similar thing where if you sell a smear about candidate obama to let them know. this is another thing from the campaign that they're trying to do in the white house. air no longer running for anything. they have the job. >> you could make the case the campaign has not ended. these guys are very good at campaigning. that is why this is just like a dumb mistake. linda douglass, who i know from cbs news, when she says if you have any e-mails that looks fishy -- fishy is one of those words that sounds like a detective story. i think this was just sloppy.
7:58 am
steve: it is always a pleasure to have you here. >> i know these two. i'm not sure i know you. gretchen: [laughter] brian: he is on the poster outside. i will show you. gretchen: thank you. coming up, her boyfriend over heard a struggle while they were on the phone. she has not been seen since. could her former job as a probation officer help find her alleged abductor? her mother joins us with the latest on the search. steve: the student body president of this high school was banned from speaking at the graduation. there were afraid she was going to thank god. what she had to say, next. brian: check out where gretchen spends her time when she is not here. "in touch" magazine's inside
7:59 am
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: happy tuesday morning to you. thank you for sharing your morning with us. if government run health care gets taken off the table, some democratic lawmakers will revolts. could they are and do they represent you. steve: peta wants to save the whales. apparently they mean large women. brian: a student body president was banned from speaking at the graduation.
8:03 am
the school was worried she would say something christian. we will hear from her this hour. >> i'm the coach of the indianapolis colts and you were watching "fox & friends." steve: this morning, the number one item you are interested in, the whole government health care system thing. we told you yesterday house and trial balloons were flown in over the weekend by the president and members of the cabinet. it sounded like the whole government run part of it -- they might be taking that off the table. we are learning that if that happens, there is a revolt from the left side of the political spectrum. a bunch of democrats say they will not vote for it. gretchen: including howard dean,
8:04 am
who is a doctor. he is very vocal now. he says the government run aspect of the plan has to be in there or you will lose 100 members of the house voting for this thing. i see this as a division in the democratic party. it is very interesting. originally it was conservatives and republicans who were against this health care reform bill. now there seems to be a divide within the democratic party about this option. brian: senator rockefeller says we cannot have it without a public auoption. then you have the congressional caucus that it would even be brought up -- was outraged. the speaker says that one of the bill without a government aoption. here is steve: specter -- here
8:05 am
is senator specter, who was a republican. >> there are some people who are discouraged. the co-op might have the same elements. let's write the bill. let's consider it and let's try to do something positive. steve: senator specter is not a democrat in the u.s. senate. the conventional wisdom is that the u.s. senate would not pass it without the public option. senator conrad said there were not the votes in the senate. however, it will not pass the house without the so-called public aucoption. the white house is thinking that the house will pass it with or
8:06 am
without it. ultimately, it will go through without it. the big question, in conference, would they add it? brian: they will say, why did i take the risky political move? gretchen: that goes to my point of the infighting is now within the democratic party. here's what congressman weiner said. that is in reference to kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary, who said the public option is not that big of a deal. then there was all this outrage
8:07 am
from the left. we will see how this plays out. steve: ok, here is something for you from government health care to cash for clunkers. congressman sestak wants to know why only 2% of the cash for clunkers program has gone through. only 2% of the dealers have been compensated. listen to this. >> the program ruled out and it sounds exciting to the government comes forward and says we will get you the money within 10 days of submitting an invoice. we're now going from how many days, and we have not seen $1
8:08 am
yet. every diller is making a decision -- every dealer is making a decision. how far do you go into this before you cut it off? >> it takes a lot of time to submit a claim. there have been problems with the website. even when we submit a claim, the chances are it will be rejected. we do not know how long it will take to get our money once the claim has been approved. gretchen: only 2% have been approved. then they get things like this. when they get a rejection from the government, it says this. the reason you have been rejected is -- no reason provided. if you do not know what the reason is for the rejection, then how do you know how to fix it?
8:09 am
this is what happens when the government decides to run a big program. it is interesting to say. they were supposed to pay back the dealers in 10 days. brian: ups and fedex are doing fine. it is the post office that is having problems. steve: four days after it started, we heard they ran out of money. they only paid 2%, where has the rest of the $1 billion gone? now we have given them $2 billion more. gretchen: it is called bureaucracy red tape. brian: what else is happening? gretchen: this is a fox news alert. she got into a fight the night she disappeared, according to her boyfriend, the said he overheard a struggle on the cellphone. she was abducted one week ago. she is a former georgia state probation officer and the mother of a 15-year-old son.
8:10 am
her mother will join us with the latest on the search in just a few minutes. hurricane bill is a category two storm, packing winds of 100 miles per hour. bill is expected to gain strength over the next few days, becoming a major hurricane. projections have it headed toward bermuda by the end of the week. reader's digest, a fixture in doctors' offices and living rooms across the country, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. it is part of a plan with lenders to reduce debt by 75% and give them more ownership of the company. the monthly has faced declining circulation and a drop in ad sales. a student was banned from speaking out her own graduation because she wants to thank god for helping her succeed.
8:11 am
it happened in florida at the same school where the principal and athletic director face jail time for saying a prayer at a luncheon for adults. the student body president is the one been silenced, but we let her speak and tell us what she actually wanted to say at graduation. she told us earlier on "fox & friends." >> i had to thank god first of all because i did not accomplish anything by myself. the school board did this from getting into further trouble. had i been able to speak on graduation night as planned, and i had talked about religious values, a school board representative would have been responsible for coming up to me and busily telling me to stop. gretchen: this was the first time in 33 years that a student body president was not able to speak at pace high-school graduation. a couple months ago, they came over to my house and took a bunch of pictures to show you guys what i do behind the scenes when i go home from work
8:12 am
every day. they did it for "in touch" weekly magazine take a look at this. >> that is good. gretchen: you used a whole can of hair spray. >> i want to do it for her. gretchen: you want to do my lip gloss? >> yes. >> beautiful. beautiful. here we go.
8:13 am
gretchen: you don't really feel like? sandra lee. >> very good. maybe one of you dialing. we got it. steve: that is great. gretchen: they showed me in the kitchen. brian: making lemplemonade. steve: it is in "in touch" weekly this week. brian: did the slide shot may ke it? gretchen: thank you very much to "in touch" weekly. brian: that is a good magazine. good job, gretchen.
8:14 am
gretchen: coming up, a mother breast feeding her baby in a restaurant was asked to leave. steve: take a look at this billboard. peta targeting overweight women, comparing them to whales. yep. just booked my 10th night on, so i get a night free. you. me. getaway. really? where? anywhere you want. a bed and breakfast? bed and breakfast. check. a place by the beach? a place by awesome. oh, you are smart. accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcome rewards from smart. so smart. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® ,
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brian: the 30-sheryl single mom goes missing while on a cell phone with her boyfriend. he heard a struggle and she has not been heard from since. that was seven days ago. gretchen: her mother and her brother joins us live from georgia this morning. good morning to both of you. i know you're doing everything possible, as anyone would was
8:18 am
missing a family member. take us back to seven days ago. she was on her cell phone with her boyfriend. he witnessed here in her being conducteabducted. >> that is correct. gretchen: what did he hear? >> she was taking an evening walk for exercise. during that walk, she was talking on her cell phone with her boyfriend. she indicated that there was a vehicle approaching. at that point, she made some remarks to the boyfriend that would indicate that she was being adbducted. brian: personal belongings and signs of a struggle were found on thursday. what were the belongings? what indications were that there was a struggle? >> there were personal
8:19 am
belongings found within 24 hours after the disappearance. and then there was a cell phone found about 3 miles away at a different location. i believe that was thursday or friday. the original set of volumes were found 24 hours after her disappearance. i cannot make any remarks on exactly what those items were. gretchen: obviously, your sister and daughter was a probation officer. she also taught self-defense classes. is that true? >> i am not aware of that statement. gretchen: she was a probation officer. have authorities been able to leave for a line of work to this abduction? >> they're looking at that angle. there's always a possibility that one of the inmates in the
8:20 am
correctional facilities could have had a grudge. there's also the possibility that this could be random. they do not know at this point. brian: did your daughter say anything about anyone who might have something out for her? did she feel threatened? >> she never mentioned anything like that to me. gretchen: our hearts go out to you, joanne and richard. brian: go to the web site for any information. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: is a government run health care already a mess in -- is this a preview of what our system will be like under president obama's plan, if he
8:21 am
gets the government office? gretchen: peter johnson, jr. reveals the government pitfalls. this prince is baxteback searching to make some his achoo! (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving
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8:24 am
>> public option, whether we have it or do not have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. >> what did you just say? >> the public option, whether we have it or we do not have it -- >> we still good to kill old people, right? [laughter]
8:25 am
steve: remember medicare? will the dangers apply to all americans? peter johnson, jr. joins us to talk about the reality of health care reform. is it just me, or does it seem like it is in total disarray? >> is a mess. to many americans, they think, do they have any idea what they're doing? there's 46 million, there's 38 million. there is a public option, there is not a public option. do they have any idea what is going on? they do know what is going on in terms of some of the things that they want to impose on you and me. when you look carefully at the
8:26 am
plan, you look at the effectiveness. deciding on what kind of tests and procedures i should have that are cheap for everybody. and this thing -- the medicare advisory council. under one form of legislation, 5 on the elected commissioners who will make decisions about the kind of health care. steve: this is different than the panel that would decide end of life decisions. >> there's this notion about a death panels. nobody said the president or of the congress is out to kill old people. when you deny care. when you ration care. when a physician is caused to act as a health economist, has a social justice administrator. say i am the doctor and i am seeing you.
8:27 am
as your doctor, you should want me to only look at you and examine you. under the system with comparative effectiveness, with determinations based on cost, not only what i look at steve, i have to think about all the other people in the waiting room. what is good for you may not be good for them. is the pie slices in a way that you have a pre allocated piece. if you are 75 or 65, i have to think about something called quality of life years. that is came up with a professor in the 1980's. it was adopted by the british. we make a determination with a cost-benefit analysis. will you live long enough to benefit from this operation? steve: if i do not, according to this calculation -- >> if it is too expensive, based
8:28 am
on the rationing of care, then you will not get the operation, or you'll wait to see if you live long enough that the operation is useful. these are serious issues. the problem is that we do not know what is out there. we're talking about issues that change from day to day. i began to lose confidence in what i'm hearing because the president's proposals and commerce proposals keep changing day to day. steve: public option in. public option out. peter johnson, thank you jr.thank. stretched ahead on "fox & friends" -- the white house is finally cutting down on the controversial tip box. what took them so long? check out this crazy as from
8:29 am
peta. it is a billboard comparing over when women to whales. the wife of south carolina gov. mark sanford is speaking out. what she had to say about her husband and his mistress. that is straight ahead on "fox & friends." ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™.
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>> big brother is looking in on us. my concern was her privacy and been able to keep that. i will like to know what group sent the e-mails to the president. brian: he says that he was watching neil, and they were talking about everybody who got the white house e-mails without signing up to be on the list. his daughter says that she got e-mailed, too. steve: she had no connection to the white house. gretchen: and her father was upset about that. steve: new economic numbers out this morning, including some imports and once on housing.
8:34 am
the number of housing starts as down more than 1% from july. that is according to the commerce department. the labor department says prices for goods fell 9/10 of 1% in july. that puts inflation at a record low. that is good. gretchen: he will not face any criminal charges. his wife is accused of being completely drunk and high when she drove the wrong way on the new york highway killing herself, her daughter, and six others. rescuers say there's no evidence that he knew that his wife was intoxicated. police say she had a blood alcohol level of 0.19 at the time of the crash, which is the equivalent of 10 shots of vodka. the test also showed she had smoked pot within one hour of getting behind the wheel. her two-year-old daughter and three nieces, and three people and another car died in that crash. brian: she is being called a
8:35 am
bronx wife. she said she is taking her family turmoil in stride. the wife of south carolina gov. mark sanford opens up in " vogue" magazine. sanford said she is trying to focus on her four sons and is working on for giving her husband. steve: a woman in tunisia is giving the so-called octo-mom a run for her money. she is apparently pregnant with 12 babies. the unnamed woman from that country, gafsa, is nine months pregnant. she and her husband are allegedly defining medical advice by planning to give birth to all six girls and boys. experts say there's a slim chance all the babies will survive and the woman's health is really in danger.
8:36 am
if she successfully gives birth to the 12 babies, the woman would establish a new world record. nadia currently holds the record. gretchen: we wanted to help make their wedding dreams come true. the final list of our all- american bride contest joined us yesterday. they told us the story of how they fell in love. >> we met in technical training in arizona. in the military, you need to learn how to let go because you will get put in different places. we went our separate ways. two years later, we were both in iraq. he got home one month before may. he drove 12 hours one way to see me get off the plane. we knew we would be together forever. gretchen: and the free wedding
8:37 am
gowns are not possible without help from our friends. >> tell us what they got to go through this weekend. >> they flew into new york on saturday morning and they were immediately taken to the wedding so on. for two days, they underwent fittings and style inspired the chatterberries editors. we really wanted to treat them like a princess for a weekend. we do not think this is what they do on a daily basis. in some small way, this is our way of saying thank- you. gretchen: congratulations. thank you again to chatterbe brian: you have got to see
8:38 am
these signs. they're in jacksonville, fla. peta does not want you to eat animals. to do that, they have put together the sign. steve: i do not want you to read a squirrel either. brian: they show a woman who is obese. gretchen: she is chubby. this is so degrading to call women whales. and you're trying to get people to actually like peta? when you take it this far, that is a little bit of an outrage. steve: they certainly got some publicity because we are talking about it this morning.
8:39 am
it is the publicity that's peta does not need. people are going, why are they picking on me? meanwhile, peta stands by the ad. they said -- steve: hey, peta, i had a table last night and i feel great. gretchen: i do not necessarily believe that because you're a vegetarian you are slim. brian: look at the t-rex. steve: thank you. gretchen: that just brought it
8:40 am
full circle. now we're going to talk about chicken. a mother breast feeding her baby in a chick-fil-a was handed a kitchen towel and asked to cover up. who crossed the line? the woman joins us right after the break. steve: this prince is looking for america's next princess. he will join us. thank you.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
gretchen: there is a breast- feeding battle in florida. a woman was nursing inside a chick-fil-a restaurant, when the manager offered her a kitchen towel to cover up. the imam said mom said no.
8:44 am
>> there are some people were so worried about their rights said they are stepping on everyone else's rights. >> they are welcome to nurse briefly and as they need to. look around. they are everywhere. gretchen: she is right to the law is on their side. she joins be right now. good morning. you were in the restaurant. your baby was hungry. is it correct that you asked some of the people sitting nearby whether or not there would be offended? >> after the general manager asked me to cover up, i asked the people around us if they had a problem. they have no idea i was proceeding. gretchen: you had on a shirt that allows you to breast feed without exposing your breast. this is obviously a sensitive issue.
8:45 am
if i am on a new york subway and i see a mom breast the game, i take a look to that is human nature i think. -- if i am on a new york subway, and i see a mom breast feeding, i take a look. >> i understand that our society over centralizes breast. gretchen: take a look at all 46 states. tell us what happened -- florida happens to be one of them. you were abiding by the law to the manager asked to give you a kitchen towel. you said no thanks. what did you decide to do? >> i just went home and complained to a couple of people because i was humiliated.
8:46 am
after i complained, a couple of my friends decided we needed to go in and do a peaceful demonstration for the fact of letting people know that there's a lot on our side. -- law on our side, so does not happen to anyone else. gretchen: 28 states, the district of columbia, and the virgin islands exempt breas breastfeeding from public indecency laws. that is even more rights for breast-feeding moms. would you agree it is always not a good idea to flaunt? in our society, it is different in europe or other countries that it is a much more open society. you agree that it should be with the discretion. >> the law states that you can show what ever you need to as far as -- what you need to so that your child can eat.
8:47 am
that is the issue. the children need to be able to eat. gretchen: as the mother of two babies alive breastfed, when they're hungry, they are hungry. i understand. some of the patrons, with a rather listen to the screaming baby, or watch a mom breast feed? a very interesting story. the baby is still hungry. thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. gretchen: he could not find love as the bachelor, but now this princes on search for his princess. first, let's check in with what is on at the top of the hour. megyn: ok, back on track. howard k. stern may be headed for jail, but not without filing a lawsuit against read the
8:48 am
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steve: we have some time for some news by the numbers. take a look at this. sixty thousand senior citizens have quit aarp july 1 to those who quit say it is because the group is in favor of a health- care overhaul that may not benefit seniors. aarp says they have not endorsed a specific bill. 58,000 people is how much cooler
8:52 am
does population has dropped in one year. researchers say it is the first time in 63 years it has happened. economists blame the recession. 22% of men been strained between the age of 50 and 64. it is usually thought to be a college age phenomenon. that is your news by the numbers. brian: you may remember him as the dashing prince tried to find a bride on "the bachelor" rome edition. he is trying to find his princess again. steve: prince lorenzo borghese's new show is called "america's next princess." he joins us with his dog. >> he is not my dog. i tried to find love on tv.
8:53 am
now it is his turn. brian: you have not given up. >> i have not given up. maybe the dog can find love. steve: do you think stdogs would have better luck than people? it seems a little forced on tv. >> i know that he fell in love. he was with all the girls. steve: he is making out with me right now. >> he loves everybody did this is a feel-good show. there are a lot of reality shows with chaos and criying. this is a feel-good show. brian: do dogs need a partner? >> dogs need us and a partner,
8:54 am
or how would you get more dogs? gretchen: the suspense is killing me. does the dog find a mate? >> that is why i wanted to watch the show. i cannot give away the ending. in all seriousness, this is a feel-good show. go online. watch these dogs go on dates. there's a message at the end. steve: the dog talks? >> the dog does talk. that is why it is a hilarious show. in times of economic downturn, the thing's getting affected are animals. we forget about that. this is a show that reminds everybody how important animals are in our lives. that is the whole message.
8:55 am
gretchen: does the dog find love? >> didn't you just ask me that question? he does find love. i cannot tell you who heat and up with. steve: what is in there? >> this is from the dog. he also wrote to a letter. -- also wrote a letter. gretchen: will you accept my bone? very cute. >> and he gives out these gold bones at the end of every show. gretchen: very cute. steve: thank you. >> thank you for having me. steve: speaking of dogs and cats, we showed you the peta
8:56 am
billboard. we will read a few of your e- mails. . so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care as affordable as possible. and the words "pre-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. it's what doctors recommend most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. .
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8:59 am
steve: in jacksonville, florida, they have that poster that says "save the whales"? here are some of your e-mails. brian: "some people are overweight because of health issues, not because they eat meat." gretchen: "peta has no authority to dictate what is and is not good for other individuals. the statement was pathetic and garbage. did their mother's not teach them that you can catch more flies with honey"? steve: "the billboard is hilarious, maybe a few more of these signs would help me drop these signs would help me drop
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